Amber Hobson Call 2015

Prior to joining Chambers, Amber worked for various firms of solicitors in the North East, notably as a Prison Law advocate and a Police Station accredited representative. She has a long career history of work as a criminal paralegal, including offering private motoring advice. Amber has also had the pleasure of working as a lecturer at Northumbria University, training LPC students in criminal law. Finally, before joining Chambers, Amber was working for a successful personal injury firm, investigating allegations of LVI and fraud and litigating.


Amber is accepting instructions in both prosecution and defence matters. She has appeared both in the Crown Court and Magistrates Court in a range of matters, from Probation breaches to Magistrates trials.
Amber is known for her down to earth nature and her ability to reassure both the client and family members. She can calmly deal with stressful situations, keeping a cool head even under pressure.


Amber has acted for the Local Authority and for private clients in a number of matters. She uses her skill of analysis to rationally identify the real issues in a case and deals with them in her relaxed manner. She is realistic, level headed and manages clients expectations. Those who instruct her find their clients are in a safe pair of hands. One solicitor recently described her as “a credit to the Bar”.


Amber accepts instructions to represent clients on both the small claims and fast track. She has a history of working in personal injury and can clinically assess the prospects of success for a claim, at times giving difficult advice in a friendly and professional manner. Amber also has experience of appearing in infant approval hearings and property disputes.

Qualifications & Appointments

LLB Law (Hons) - Hull University

LLM Criminal Litigation and Procedure – University of Sunderland

BPTC – Nottingham Law School



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