Naomi Madderson LL.B. (Hons) Liverpool, Call 2003

Professional Reputation

  • Legal 500 2015 - 'She is carving out a high quality childcare practice, and is destined to go far'
  • Chambers & Partners 2014 - A family law specialist who receives instructions on a number of complex care proceedings, including allegations of sexual abuse and contested placement orders. 
  • “Naomi Madderson has on numerous occasions provided my clients with a service that is second to none.  She is always very well prepared for hearings and always provides feedback from the hearing at the first available opportunity.”
  • Legal 500 2014 - ‘She is user-friendly and down to earth.’
  • Legal 500 2013 - ‘Top-grade junior.’
  • Naomi specialises in a whole range of children related disputes with an emphasis on complex public law cases concerning non-accidental injury to children and sexual abuse.  She is ranked as an individual in Chambers & Partners 2013 and appears in all tiers of the court.  She is hard-working and persuasive in court and is dedicated to providing a professional and friendly outlook, putting clients at their ease.
  • Naomi is an ADRg trained Family Mediator.  
  • Naomi is approved by the Ministry of Justice to undergo Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings.
  • Areas of Practice:

            Court of Protection

            Family (Public Law & Private Law)

            Financial Remedy - Civil Partnership, Marriage & Cohabitation

            Mediation (Family, Financial Remedy & Judicial Review)

  • Naomi represents parents and children in private law cases, including internal relocation and removal from the jurisdiction cases and intractable contact and residence disputes.  She further represents clients requesting financial remedy recognising the advantage to the client in being able to offer advice in both private law and financial aspects
  • Naomi has a particular interest in Judicial Review claims but also offers mediation to public bodies and individuals as a means of reaching settlements where possible, as an alternative yet conciliatory approach to court proceedings being initiated. 
  • As part of her Court of Protection practice, Naomi further deals with vulnerable adults who lack capacity under the Mental Capacity Act 2005, care, contact and residence issues, appointment of deputies and disputes over registration of powers of attorney, deprivation of liberty, forced marriage and medical treatment decisions. 
  • The Financial remedy work which Naomi is experienced in includes claims between spouses, civil partners and cohabiting couples.  Naomi is familiar with issues involving intervenors, pensions, inherited wealth, business assets, multiple properties and enforcement.

Recent Notable Cases

  • R-E (Children) [2011] EWHC (Admin) 1348 - Representing Children’s Guardian supporting the Father’s appeal.  The Local Authority opposed the Father’s appeal to review the finding that he had sexually abused his daughter.  Appeal allowed - Thorpe LJ and Black LJ consider review of findings to be undertaken as part of the ongoing care proceedings and considered the Guardian’s position to be the most significant.
  • Re: B [2010] - Junior Counsel for Local Authority in two month case concerning factitious illness and upper airway obstruction resulting in the death of two children.  Findings made against the mother.  Mother appealed.  Appeal dismissed by Court of Appeal.
  • In Re: CMF (Child Evidence: Pigot Hearing) May 2012 - Case representing the father where the child was alleging she had been sexually abused and raped by father.  During the course of the hearing the child (then 12) gave evidence in the form of Pigot hearing.  The father was exonerated of all allegations, the Judge having formed the suspicion that the child was coached. The cross-examination of C was one of the pivotal moments of the case when viewed retrospectively. The learned Judge commented in his Judgment the following:
  • “I simply observe that Miss Naomi Madderson (counsel for F) conducted an impressive cross-examination of C.  Without    condescending to details, C confessed she made up part of the account.  I allowed the cross examination to last just short of 55 minutes as various avenues needed exploring given the answers of C.  It was plainly an unhappy experience for C - as well it might be when it is definitively ascertained that part of an account has been invented to get F into trouble.  The paucity of other parts of her account was also exposed and she had little answer to a number of other perfectly proper points advanced by counsel for F.”
  • R (on the application of H) and Kingston upon Hull City Council [2013] EWHC 388 (Admin) - Within care proceedings, grandparents who had care of the children were told that the Local Authority were going to remove them within a matter of hours having placed the children there in the interim with seemingly no concerns.  The claimant mother sought judicial review alongside the grandparents and father.  Declarations were made that the Local Authority had acted unlawfully in making the decision to remove and that the Local Authority had a duty to consult and it had failed to do so.
  • This was a significant issue to be tried in that it was the first case of its kind to use Judicial Review as a means to     challenge the removal of children within care proceedings. 

Qualifications and Appointments

  • LLB (Hons) University of Liverpool
  • Shakespeare Memorial scholarship - 2002
  • Inn of Court - Gray's Inn
  • Family Law Bar Association National Committee member - 2012
  • Elected Member of The Bar Council - 2012-2014
  • Member of Education & Training Sub-commitee, Bar Council - 2012-2016
  • Member of ADR Sub-committee, Bar Council
  • Member of Social Mobility Sub-committee, Bar Council
  • Registered Pupil Supervisor (2015)
  • ADRg Family Mediation


  • North Eastern Circuit
  • Family Law Bar Association
  • Bar Pro Bono Unit - active member
  • Pro Bono Mediation Scheme, York College of Law & Leeds BPP

Training & Seminars

  • Naomi has presented a number of seminars to solicitors and other professionals in aspects of Family Law and in Court of Protection, contributing to recent Chambers seminars across Yorkshire and the Humber.


  • Co-author of Family Law Week Article - To Decide or not to Decide that is the question
  • Contributor to Westlaw Online Encyclopaedia - 2013