Oliver Saxby QC

Oliver Saxby QC is a door tenant at Wilberforce Barristers.

Oliver Saxby QC was called to the Bar in 1992 and appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2013. Since then, he has gained a significant reputation for his robust and meticulous approach, having gained particular expertise in serious sexual allegations, joint-enterprise and other complex murder and manslaughter cases.

Oliver’s experience in defending serious sexual allegations involves particular expertise in advising on the investigation and charging of multi-handed, multi-complainant sexual exploitation cases, presenting such cases before a jury, and preparing and presenting the defences of those charges with multi-complainant sexual offences. His practice has regularly involved examining in chief and cross-examining vulnerable witnesses, and he has vast experience in building a case around voluminous third party records.

Oliver has extensive experience in a great variety of homicide cases. He receives regular instruction on gangland and multi-handed/joint-enterprise killings, gross negligence homicide and multiple homicide. His practice has also involved presenting defences such as loss of control, diminished responsibility and associated mental disorders/illnesses. Oliver has regularly provided opinions in areas such as ballistics/firearms and causation, specifically in the context of medical mistreatment and the administering of drugs/other substances. Niche areas on which Oliver has been instructed include DNA/blood splatter and distribution, pathology and neuropathology and baby shaking.

Outside of sexual offences and manslaughter, Oliver has a successful practice in serious and complex drugs offences, serious fraud and regulatory offences. He represented the First Master of the ferry of the Pride of Bilbao on charges of ‘marine manslaughter’ arising from a high-profile fatal collision with a yacht in the Solent. Oliver is often asked to give freestanding advice, both pre- and post-charge.

Notable Cases

  • R v Cudworth – in which he defended the husband who stabbed his wife to death and then deposited her body in a field. Acquittal of murder on the basis of loss of control.
  • R v Carragher and others – in which he defended the Catholic De La Salle Brother charged with sexually assaulting 16 young boys within his care at the St Williams Boys’ Home in Yorkshire. Acquittals on majority of counts and majority of complainants.
  • R v Singh and others – in which he prosecuted the eleven-handed ‘Aylesbury Sex Ring’ trial at the Old Bailey.

Cases reported in the current edition of Archbold include:

  • R v Bodnar and others – in which he represented the first of seven defendants charged with serious sexual exploitation/trafficking offences). Acquittal on all counts.
  • R v Parkinson and others – in which he represented one of five persons charged with the gangland murder by shooting of Reece Menzies. Acquitted of murder.
  • R v Peters – in which he represented one of those charged with the ‘Sikh Honeypot’ murder. Acquitted of murder.
  • R v Bowler and Connor – in which he defended one of two men charged with the manslaughter of a man who died having been wrapped in cling-film. Acquitted of manslaughter.
  • R v Dolan (murder, baby shaking – admissibility of ‘background • evidence’)
  • R v Harmer (drugs importation – extent of defence of duress)
  • R v Van Binh Le (guideline case on facilitating illegal entry)
  • R v Mills (drugs importation – bearing of jury’s opinion on sentence) R v A, B, C, D (murder – joint enterprise)