Richard Thompson Call 2007 (admitted as a Solicitor 1996)

Professional Reputation

  • Richard Thompson has more than 25 years experience in the Criminal Law.  He practised as a Solicitor for a number of years dealing directly with clients charged with serious matters in the spectrum of criminal offences.
  • He was a member of the Law Society Serious Fraud Panel and successfully prepared the defence case in a number of high profile frauds. He also conducted a number of high profile murder cases including cases involving infant death.
  • Since joining Chambers in 2007, Richard has continued to be an impressive advocate and has developed a broad practice, mostly on behalf of the Defence.
  • He is regularly instructed in cases involving non-recent sexual abuse, including cases dating back 30 or 40 years.  As a result, he has a wealth of experience in dealing with all legal and evidential issues arising in these cases including section 41 applications, third party material and cross-examining vulnerable witnesses.
  • Richard has appeared as Junior Counsel in a number of cases of murder.  He has also represented Defendants charged with attempted murder.
  • Richard has experience in dealing with a wide range of expert evidence including psychiatric, forensic accounting, cell site, drugs valuations and post mortem analysis.

Homicide and related cases

R v Mayes (2016) Defence of attempted murder and administering noxious substance with intent.

R v Flatley (2015) Murder.  Knife taken to scene.  Convicted of manslaughter.  Lead by Richard Wright QC.

R v Pidd (2015) Attempted murder by multiple stabbing.  Guilty plea to wounding with intent.

R v Pilkington (2014) Trial of issue in relation to strangulation of elderly relative.

Other notable cases

R v Bush (2016) Conspiracy to import cocaine with street value of £160 million. Six years imprisonment.

R v P (2016) Defendant acquitted of serious sexual offences against step-children.

R v Kelly (2016) Successful defence of benefit fraud allegations based on cohabitation.

R v O (2015) Trial of Defendant with ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome accused of rape and other sexual offences against 11/12-year-old Complainant.  Acquitted.

R v T (2015) Defendant acquitted of domestic vaginal and anal rape.

R v F (2015) Allegation of rape by 16 year old Complainant against Defendant aged 43.  Successful defence of consent.

R v A (2015) Historic allegations of serious sexual offences against female relative.  Acquitted.

R v K (2015) Defendant acquitted of domestic rape and assault allegations.

R v Whincup (2015) Successful defence of benefit fraud allegations based on cohabitation.

R v Dawson (2015) Benefit fraud allegations based on cohabitation.  Acquitted.

R v Patchett (2015) Minimum five year prison term avoided in relation to possession of prohibited firearm.

R v Taylor (L) (2015) Defendant acquitted of inflicting grievous bodily harm by biting on basis of self-defence.

R v Barker (2015) Defendant accused of systematic thefts to order by employee acquitted.

R v Clarke (2015) Section 18 GBH allegation.  Attack with golf club.  Denied on basis of incorrect identification.  Acquitted.

R v Ismail (2015) Grievous bodily harm.  Attack with metal bar.  Acquitted on basis of self-defence.

R v Husband (2015) Knifepoint robbery.  Identification by police officer from CCTV ruled inadmissible.  No evidence offered.

R v G (2014) Preston Crown Court.  Successful defence of allegations of rape and sexual assault dating back 40 years. 

R v A (2014) Child previously convicted of sexual offences against younger children acquitted of further similar allegations.

R v B (2014) Acquitted of domestic rape allegations.

R v M (2014) Successful defence of Royal Marine accused of sexual assault.

R v Carroll (2013) Possession of prohibited weapon.  Sawn-off shotgun.  Minimum five year sentence on conviction.  Prosecution abandoned following proper evaluation of scientific evidence.  Mixed DNA profile.

R v M (2013) Taxi driver accused of kidnap and assault with intent to commit sexual offence in course of employment.  Acquitted.

Qualifications & Appointments

  • Admitted to Roll of Solicitors - 1996
  • Called to the Bar - 2007
  • Inn of Court - Middle Temple
  • Joint Head of Chambers - 2015-2020


  • North Eastern Circuit
  • Criminal Bar Association area representative
  • Accredited Advocacy Trainer - 2015