Stephen Robinson MA (Hons) Cantab, Call 1999

Professional Reputation

  • Stephen Robinson specialises exclusively as an advocate in criminal law.
  • Stephen Robinson has practised at Wilberforce Barristers since completing his pupillage with Mark Bury (now HHJ Bury) in 2000.
  • He has developed a reputation as a fine advocate in the Crown Court and also regularly practices in the Court of Appeal. 
  • Stephen both prosecutes and defends and regularly appears in cases involving serious sexual offending, drugs conspiracies, serious violence and complex dishonest offending.
  • Stephen is a an experienced Level 3 prosecutor.  He has prosecuted cases involving a number of defendants involved in serious offending.
  • Stephen has a great deal of experience in defending, often successfully, those charged with sexual offending.  These cases have involved both recent and historic allegations.  Recent examples of such cases conducted by him include:
  • R v C and C (2014) - where he represented one of two brothers charged with sexual offending against multiple members of their family.  Both defendants were acquitted of all charges.
  • R v P (2016) - defendant acquitted of the sexual abuse of two ladies, acquaintances of his, who did not know each other and did not appear to have colluded.
  • He is experienced at dealing with vulnerable witnesses in such cases and others such as child cruelty.  He is familiar with the rules of law and practice (such as the Advocates Toolkits) relating to such witnesses and is adept at dealing with them appropriately.  R v P involved the cross examination of an 8 year old alleged to have walked in upon the abuse of his mother and a recent case of R v R (2016) required the cross examination of a 5 year old during the successful defence of a 15 year old alleged to have touched her before the Youth Court, the now usual venue of trial for young offenders charged with sexual offending.
  • Stephen has recently undertaken a numbers of cases involving vulnerable defendants.  He has a sensitive and sympathetic approach to such people.  He recently defended in the case of R v M-S (2016) where the defendant was profoundly deaf and did not understand sign language.  Everything had to be written down and a “live note” system was used in court.  Patient and delicate handling of the case was required and the defendant was acquitted of a section 18 where he was alleged to have locked his carer’s boyfriend in his house and attacked him with a knife.  
  • In a similar vein, Stephen is experienced at dealing with offenders who have mental health problems.  In the case of R v H (2015) a defendant charged with arson with intent to endanger life in relation to setting fire to his flat in a block of flats was ultimately convicted of reckless arson and received a hospital order.
  • Stephen is experienced at evaluating complicated medical evidence, including in child cruelty and baby shaking cases.  He was recently junior counsel in the murder case of R v L (2015), a baby shaking case where the medical evidence revealed not only potential shaking, but an unrelated brain aneurysm and a heart defect as possible causes of death.  The defendant was ultimately convicted of manslaughter.  
  • Stephen has been led by both other junior counsel and Queen’s Counsel and works well with others.
  • He has both prosecuted and defended in cases involving confiscation of the alleged proceeds of crime, has successfully had confiscation orders reduced before the Court of Appeal and recently gave a well received talk to local defence solicitors about the application of the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Qualifications & Appointments

  • Bar Vocational Course - Inns of Court School of Law
  • Inn of Court - Grays Inn
  • Level 3 CPS Prosecutor
  • Registered Pupil Supervisor (2014)
  • Hull Bar Mess Junior (2013 - present)


  • North Eastern Circuit