Steven D. Garth LL.B. (Hons) Leeds, Call 1983

Steven Garth has over 30 years experience practising Criminal Law, specialising in defence cases in the Crown Court.

Steven was pupil to Paul Worsley QC (now a Judge at the Old Bailey) and D.Peter Hunt (now a Circuit Judge of the North-Eastern Circuit).

Steven has conducted criminal cases of every conceivable nature, ranging from murder, manslaughter and very serious drugs cases, through to minor assaults and petty thefts.

Steven is a very experienced and effective trial counsel, over the years securing countless acquittals, but he is perhaps best known as an outstanding mitigator, on many occasions achieving spectacular results.

Whilst at all times remaining professional, Steven has a friendly approach which instantly puts clients at their ease.

Steven has a number of reported cases to his name, the most famous of which is R v Schumann 2 Cr. App R (S) 465 (2007).  This was an Attempted Murder case where a young mother tried to kill herself and her baby by jumping from the Humber Bridge.

The case went before the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales sitting in the Court of Appeal.  The case established the principle that, in certain cases, no matter how serious, a merciful approach must be taken to sentence.  This case has come to be known as the "Humber Bridge" case.

Professional Reputation

  • Very able and highly effective Defence Counsel

Qualifications & Appointments

  • LL.B. (Hons) - Leeds University
  • Barrister-at-Law (Hons) - Gray's Inn


  • Gray's Inn
  • North-Eastern Circuit
  • Criminal Bar Association