Welcome Back Mr Garth!

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Wilberforce Barristers are delighted to welcome back Steven Garth to the Criminal Law Team following his absence due to ill-health. In January, Steven attended a routine physiotherapy appointment when he collapsed. As a result of this he was then referred to specialists in York and after a series of tests it was discovered that he had cancer in his colon. Having had no symptoms or general feelings of illness, Steven was in utter shock and disbelief at the diagnosis. He was informed that he would have to undergo a CT scan to ascertain the extent of the tumour and whether it had spread. There followed an agonising wait for Steven, his wife and daughter to discover the results of the scan. When the news arrived via a telephone call it was positive, revealing that the tumour was small and isolated. Surgery followed, which was succesful and Steven received first class care at York District Hospital. After his lengthy convalescence, Steven has been told that the cancer is in remission and although he is still undergoing bi-annual checkups, the outlook is positive. Steven would like to thank those at York District Hospital who were involved in his care and treatment and also to all those who sent him kind thoughts and well wishes over the last few months. He is delighted to return to his practice and Chambers and the legal community are very pleased to have one of its much loved and highly respected practitioners back in the fold.