Charlotte Baines and Rachel Scott secure convictions in OCG 'chop shops' conspiracy case

Charlotte Baines and Rachel Scott secure convictions in OCG ‘chop shops’ conspiracy case

30 August 2022

Charlotte Baines leading Rachel Scott successfully prosecuted members of an Organised Crime Group (OCG) operating in the Humberside area, involved in a conspiracy to steal, a conspiracy to handle stolen goods and converting criminal property.

Two of the Defendants were involved in the theft of high value motor vehicles in the Humberside area. The vehicles were delivered to various “chop shops” run by members of the OCG where the vehicles were quickly dismantled, with the parts being sold on, mainly via eBay accounts, thereby profiting from their crimes.

Humberside Police raided six chop shops in the North Lincolnshire area and recovered parts from 72 stolen motor vehicles stolen from 17 force areas across the country. The value of the stolen vehicles identified was in excess of £1 million. All of the vehicles were broken down to such an extent that they could not be returned to their owners.

The detailed police investigation included the seizure of 208 digital devices which led to a total of 1500 exhibits served as evidence. Extensive telephone, CCTV and financial evidence was presented during the course of the trials.

The complex prosecution was complicated further by having to split the Defendants into four groups due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions in place.  Three trials, lasting several weeks each, took place between June 2021 and August 2022. Four men pleaded guilty to their part in the conspiracy and five men were convicted after trial.

Counsel are instructed by the Caroline May from the Complex Casework Unit, Crown Prosecution Service.

Sentencing is due to commence at Grimsby Crown Court in September 2022.