Charlotte Baines receives Commendation from Humberside Police

Charlotte Baines receives Commendation from Humberside Police

26 May 2023

Charlotte Baines today attended a Specialist Command Ceremony hosted by Detective Chief Superintendent Ward at Melton 2 Police Station.

Miss Baines was given the Commendation for her role as prosecution counsel in the case of R v Kendall, a case where the defendant sexually abused four victims, two of whom were children. The defendant was convicted after a two week trial and was initially sentenced to a 40 year term of imprisonment, although this was eventually reduced to 34 years on appeal.

Commendations were also given to the Officer in the Case (DC Stephen Bromby), DS Richard Mills, the Disclosure Officer (Phil Pickering) and the CPS Reviewing Lawyer (Heather Weir).

Miss Baines was ‘Commended for outstanding teamwork in a serious and complex sexual crime, proving excellent care and support to the vulnerable victims. Working together in challenging circumstances to ensure the defendant was brought to justice and received a 34 year custodial sentence’.

It is unusual for Commendations to be awarded in this way and congratulation to Miss Baines and all the other members of the successful prosecution team!

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