Holly Thompson successfully defends in Intentional Strangulation case

Holly Thompson successfully defends in Intentional Strangulation case

22 April 2024

A few weeks before the trial date, Holly was instructed to represent a Client with no previous convictions or cautions who was charged with Intentional Strangulation. The trial took place over the span of 3 days at Hull Crown Court. 

The allegation related to the defendant’s former partner whom he was said to have been both physically and verbally aggressive to on the day in question. The matter was reported to the police by the complainant that evening, who described being choked to the point where she began to lose consciousness and being subjected to threats of violence by the defendant whilst he was heavily intoxicated. The Crown relied on photographs which they maintained were injuries sustained by the complainant at the defendant’s hands. The defendant maintained his denials throughout. 

Holly was able to draw attention to the inconsistencies in the complainant’s account, particularly in comparison to the independent evidence and the injury photographs relied upon by the Crown, and challenge the witness testimony under cross-examination. 

The defendant was acquitted after the jury’s deliberations, meaning the defendant was able to keep his good character. The defendant was subsequently discharged. 

Holly was instructed by Emma Suthers of Williamsons Solicitors. 

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