03 November 2021

Always in our hearts.

We lost Lorna in August this year and you will have seen the brief piece written on our website news at that time. We are delighted to announce that HHJ John Thackray QC will be holding a eulogy for Lorna in open court at the Hull Combined Court Centre this Friday 5th November 2021 at 10.00.

The event will also be accessible via CVP for Lorna’s colleagues who are not able to attend in person. Please contact Chambers for those who require the CVP details.

This event will be a celebration of Lorna’s career at the Bar and of her as a trail blazer for women in the law and a founding member of Wilberforce Chambers. By way of preview of Lorna’s exceptional role in our local legal community, this photograph (below) was taken of Lorna as Head of Chambers in 1989 when the then Lord Chancellor, Lord McKay paid Chambers a visit.

We will update you all after the celebration of Lorna’s amazing career on Friday.