Oliver Shipley successfully prosecutes armed street robbery.

Oliver Shipley successfully prosecutes armed street robbery.

24 October 2023

Following a 3-day trial, a jury unanimously convicted the defendant Paul Coultas of robbery on the 21st September 2023 after hearing evidence about how he rode on a bike down Victoria Avenue in Hull, and robbed 2 females of their belongings at knife point. The defendant disputed his identification and denied any involvement. 

The case involved the use of bad character evidence, identification parades, Police intelligence software, CCTV and still images.

At the sentencing hearing on the 19th October 2023, the defendant was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment. 

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Oliver was instructed by the Yorkshire and Humberside Crown Prosecution Service. He continues to prosecute and defend in a range of criminal and regulatory matters in the Crown Court and Magistrates Court.

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