Rachel Scott receives Commendation from CPS

Rachel Scott receives Commendation from CPS

11 June 2021

Wilberforce Barrister, Rachel Scott was commended for her hard work, diligence and trial advocacy from the CPS. Rachel prosecuted a Defendant for Section 20, Grievous Bodily harm. In the course of the trial, the Defendant called two ‘alibi’ witnesses. Rachel, with the assistance of the Officer of the Case, dismantled the fictional alibi’s provided.

The Defendant was unanimously convicted by the jury, and sentenced to 3 years 6 months immediate imprisonment.

Following the conclusion of the trial, both alibi witnesses and the Defendant were charged with Preventing the Course of Justice. The Defendant received an additional 12 months, and the two witnesses received 6 months imprisonment each.

Rachel is a Criminal Practitioner who is instructed regularly by Defence and the Crown alike, if you wish to instruct Rachel please contact clerks@hullbar.co.uk

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