Rape conviction at Grimsby Crown Court

Rape conviction at Grimsby Crown Court

22 February 2021

Charlotte Baines, instructed by the CPS, conducted a 5 day trial at Grimsby Crown Court last week.

The Defendant was convicted of two offences of assault by penetration and two offences of rape. The sexual offences had been carried out against a young woman after a night out in Hull City Centre.

The defendant put forward at trial that the victim had been consenting and/or that he had a reasonable belief that she was consenting.

An unusual feature of the evidence was that on the night of the incident, the victim started a recording on her mobile telephone which captured audio of part of the assaults upon her and her repeated protestations and pleas for him to stop.

The jury unanimously convicted the Defendant on Friday 19th February 2021. HHJ Kelson QC, the trial judge, sentenced him to 8 years’ imprisonment. The defendant will be on the Sex Offenders Register for life.

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