Saturday is nearly upon us!

Saturday is nearly upon us!

31 May 2022

We are only a few days away from the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge!

23 members, staff, friends and family will be attempting the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge in order to raise funds for two special charities in the local area.

Our first charity is the Hull Homeless Community Project. “Amazing charity, seen with my own eyes how brilliant and caring they are”. You can find out more about the project here.

Our second charity is Women’s Aid in North East Lincolnshire, a fantastic charity offering refuge accommodation, outreach support and drop-in sessions for victims of domestic abuse. You can find out more about Women’s Aid here.

We are extremely grateful to those of you have supported us so far. If you wish to donate and help to spur us along the 24 mile route on Saturday, then please click on the links below (one link per charity). All donations are gratefully appreciated, no matter how big or small! Don’t forget to Gift Aid your donation if you are eligible – every little helps!

Good luck to Team Wilberforce this coming weekend!