Steven Garth secures acquittal

Steven Garth secures acquittal

03 May 2023

In a most unusual case, a Hull man who smuggled hundreds of pounds worth of heroin INTO a police station for his own use, was acquitted by a jury at Hull Crown Court on 3rd May, of possessing a class A drug with intent to supply.

Benjamin Finnigan, aged 30, had been arrested in respect of an offence of aggravated burglary and told the jury that after his arrest he took his drugs with him into Clough Road police station as he feared he might not be able to cope without them.

He told the jury that he was worried that he might start withdrawing from heroin if he did not maintain his habit and he therefore took his drugs with him, secreted about his person, when taken to the police station.

The Prosecution suggested to the jury that the amount of heroin that the defendant had smuggled into the police station was far too much for one person’s personal use and that Finnigan intended to supply the drug to others.

Steven Garth, however, representing Finnigan stressed to the jury that, apart from the defendant’s possession of the drug, there was no other evidence to suggest that Finnigan was a dealer. No dealer lists were found, no phones, no plastic bags, no clingfilm, no cutting agent and no scales, all of which said Mr. Garth, were the ususal “tools of the trade” for a drug dealer.

The jury were persuaded of the defendant’s innocence, returning a not guilty verdict in less than an hour and a half.

Her Honour Judge Sophie McKone discharged the defendant.

Steven was instructed by Mike Robinson of Robinsons Solicitors.